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Svenskt företag specialiserat på rör, rördelar, ventiler, packningar och flänsar.

Le Bronze Industrie LBI


There is no substitute for experience


Rene LOISEAU founds Le Bronze Industriel , the first company in France to develop wrought copper structural hardening alloys. With a manpower of 20 people, the company has already a chemistry laboratory, directed by a metallurgist engineer.


Untill 1939, the production is especially intended for the National Navy, aviation and armament. A part of the production from 1940 to 1942 is maintained in free zone in a factory close to Limoges.

After 1945 Le Bronze Industriel develops drastically its production especially in the automotive industry.


Both factories of Bobigny and Romainville , with  19 000 m2  are no more sufficient for the new installations . A new site is created in Suippes , in the Marne , where more elaborated products such as drawn pipes for Marine and Offshore applications and machined parts are manufactured


Le Bronze Industriel Deutschland ( BID), a subsidiary company with commercial vocation is created.

In the 80’s, BID covers 35% of the electrodes market in Germany


Bobigny and Suippes facilities are rounded up on Suippes site.

An investment program is launched to modernize our industrial equipment


Official opening of Suippes 2 , a fully new factory of 20 000 m2


New image, new perspectives.


Le Bronze Industriel purchases the company  Bronze Inox SAS (located in Taverny near Paris), specialized in die/precision chil casting of Aluminium Bronze.

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