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Packningar/Gaskets enligt DIN / ASME / ASTM

ASTM ASME Flänspackningar, Spirallindade flänspackningar, Grafitpackningar, Ring Joint packningar Oval & Oktagonal, Kamprofilpackningar


DIN 2690 Plana flänspackningar

DIN 2691 Flänspackningar för fjäder och not/groove and tongue flanges

DIN 2512 & 2513 Flänspackningar för fjäder och not

DIN 2692 Packningar för flänsar med recess

ASME B 16.20 & API-6A Ring Joint packningar RTJ Gaskets Oval och Octagonal

ANSI B 16.20 Spirallindade flänspackningar/Spiral Wounded Gaskets

ANSI B 16.21 Plana flänspackningar

ANSI B16.5 & BS 1560 Male & female, Large/Smal Tounge & Groove Linsringar

DIN 2696 Kamprofilpackningar

Metal Single jacketed gasket

Metal Double jacketed gasket

French Type gasket Solid

Corrugated metal gaskets

Welded gaskets

DIN 2695 Weld Ring gaskets

Machined seals

Heat Shield gaskets

Carrier Ring Gaskets

Boiler Cap gasket

Manhole Cover Gasket H.O.T Gasket High Operating Temperature gasket

Baker Gasket HF ACID Gasket®

Flange Insulation Kits Typ D, E och F


Stansade packningar efter ritning







Material Sorter:

Nitrilbunden armidfiber

Fiberpackning med hög halt av grafit

Grafitpackning med rostfri folie

Grafitpackning med rostfri sträckmetall

Kemikaliresistent flänspackning Blå PTFE PTFE & Gore tex™

Rostfritt Syrafast stål Soft Iron Stål Låg kolhalt 4-6% krom ½% Molybden F5 ST37 15Mo3, 16Mo3 13CrMo44, 13CrMo4-5, 1.7335, A182F11 10CrMo 9-10, 11 CrMo9-10, 1.7380, A182F22 X10CrNiMoTi 18 9, 1.4541, X10CrNiMoTi 18 10, 1.4571, 321Ti AISI 304L, 304, 309, 310, 316L, 316, 316Ti, 321, 347, 410, 430, Alloy 20 Aluminium, Koppar, Mässing, Monel 400, Inconel 600, 625, X750 Hastelloy B2, C276, Incoloy 800, 825 Nickel, Titan, TantalumZirconium


Enligt DIN / ASME

För alla standardiserade flänsdimensioner

Standardiserade och special packningar enligt kundönskemål och krav.

Spiral wound gaskets

are made of a preformed metallic strip and a soft filler material (PTFE or Flexible graphite), wound together under pressure, and optionally with an inner and/or outer guide ring.

The metal strip holds the filler, resulting in excellent mechanical resistance, resilience and recovery. The four most basic styles listed as follows:

Type GS

Utilises an external ring which accurately centers gasket on flange face, provides additional redial strength to prevent gasket blow-out and acts as a compression stop. A general purpose gasket suitable for use with flat face and raised face flanges. Above class 600 an internal ring is recommended.

Type GS-IR

This gasket i s identical to the type GS , however an inner ring has been inserted to enhance the gasket performance, One of the advantages to adding the inner ring is to prevent the possibility of the gasket imploding into the pipe during installation and also has working advantages for higher pressures and or gaskets with PTFE filler.

Type S

Basic construction type, wound by steel tape and filler material. Suitable for tongue and groove or male and female or grooved to flat face flange assemblies.

Type S-IR

Solid inner metal ring acts as a compression stop and fills the annular space between flange bore and the inside diameter. Designed to prevent accumulation of solids, reduce turbulent flow of process fluids and minimise erosion of flange faces. Suitable for male and female pipe flange.

Ring Type Joint Gaskets

"RTJ" ( Ring Type Joint) gaskets are manufactured in accordance with API-6A and ANSI B16.2 specifications. API ring joints come in two basic types, oval and an octagonal shape. These basic shapes are used in pressures up to 10,000 psi. The dimensions are standardised and require specially grooved flanges. The octagonal cross section has a higher sealing efficiency than the oval and would be the preferred gas ket. RTJ's have "R" numbers assigned to them for pipe size and pressure class identification. Stock materials include soft iron, low carbon steel, 4-6 chrome (F5), 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 347, Monel, Inconel and Incoloy.

Camprofile Gaskets

Camprofiles gaskets are a metal core with concentric grooves and generally will have a soft sealing face of Graphite or PTFE. One of the key advantages in using the Camprofile is that with some refurbishment work the main gasket is reusable and when dealing with exotic alloys such as Monel, Incoloy, Titanium, Hastelloy etc the savings over a period can be substantial. The Camprofile can be supplied as just the body suitable for recess and tongue and groove applications or with an outer ring fitting for use on standard flanges.

Metal Double Jacketed Gaskets

Jacketed gaskets are used in a wide range of industries and service applications, virtually any size or bar configuration can be produced by skilled craftsmen in the manufacturing process, Jacketed gaskets can either be manufactured as one piece construction or with welded in bars. The most common jacketed type is the Double Jacketed which is made from two pieces of metal with a soft filler or Non Asbestos, Graphite or Ceramic and is widely used for heat exchanger and vessel applications. Second to the double jacketed is the single jacketed which are more commonly used when a narrow flange width gasket is required. In addition to the round shape jacketed gaskets can also be produced as oval, pear and square.

Flange Insulation Kits

Flange insulation kits offer effective cathodic protection against corrosion in flanged piping systems. Available in three types (see below), each kit comprises of one insulating gasket (either an oval ring type joint or flat gasket dependant on flange type.), one insulating sleeve per bolt, two insulating washers per bolt and two plated steel washers per bolt.


Type D gaskets are specifically designed to fit into the ring groove of ring-type-joint flanges. They are manufactured of a medium weave, fabric-reinforced phenolic material and are sized to ANSI specifications available in basic oval as well as octagonal shape. Also available are BX gaskets with pressure ratings to 15,000 PSI.


Type E is a full-faced gasket with the same outside diameter as the flange and precision cut bolt holes. This design facilitates proper alignment of the gasket during installation and foreign material prevented from shorting the flange insulation. Type E gaskets are available in plain face or Neoprene face Phenolic, as well as a variety of high temperature materials.


Type F gaskets are made to fit the raised face portion of the flange only. As there are no bolts holes in the F gasket, the inside diameter of the bolt hole circle is slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the gasket, assuring an exact, automatic positioning of the gasket. Available in the same materials as the type E gasket.

CNAF Sheet and Gaskets

We stock and supply a full range of CNAF (Compressed Non Asbestos Fibre) sheeting to cover all possible applications, the range starts with the commercial quality for sealing low pressures and temperatures up to the top of the range Carbon Fibre materials for high temperature applications and service applications such as steam. The non asbestos range is produced from blending different organic fibres and mixing with rubber binders, the binders and mixture used will change depending on the service application. The range can also be supplied with wire reinforcements, Graphite or anti stick coated to suit client requirements.

PTFE Sheet and Gaskets

We offers a comprehensive range of virgin and filled PTFE products such as sheet, gaskets, rods, tubes etc. The advantages of PTFE are extremely high chemical inertness against almost all known chemicals excluding molten alkali metals and fluorine gas. PTFE is not inflammable and has a good stability for continuous use up to 260°C . Some properties of virgin PTFE (like cold flow, wear resistance…) can be further improved by incorporating of different fillers such as glass fibers, graphite, bronze or mixture of these fillers.

Graphite Sheet and Gaskets

We stock and supply a full range of Graphite sheeting covering the three standard types of Plain, Adhesive bonded and Tanged bonded. Pure plain graphite is manufactured from exfo liated graphite flake and is produced through an extensive calendaring process to give a thin flexible foil with no binders or resins.

Tanged Graphite is a graphite laminate material mechanically bonded and available in one meter square sheets or cut gaskets. The material comprises two outer layers of graphite foil with a central tanged stainless steel core 0.1mm thick. The layers are mechanically pressed together in-house with a laminating technique that does not delaminate during punching, storage and use. Adhesive bonded graphite laminate material is easy to cut on-site with scissors or knife and available in one meter square sheets or cut gaskets. The material comprises two outer layers of graphite foil with a central stainless steel core 0.05mm thick. The layers are bonded together in-house with a unique high temperature adhesive bonding system that does not delaminate during punching, storage and use.

Gland Packings (Pump and Valve)

We offers a complete line of high performance packing for pumps, valves, and other rotating equipment. We also offer packing for special purpose applications such as soot blowers, rotary steam joints, agitators, door seals, and knife gate valves.

Industries served include: Pulp and paper, Chemical processing, Refineries, Power generation, Marine, Mining, Water treatment, Food Processing Gland packings are manufactured in the following materials.

Aramid fiber, Carbon yarn, Fibreglass, Flexible graphite, Graphite yarn, Metallic Packing, PTFE Fibre, PTFE/Graphite fiber, Acrylic fibre, Vegetable fibre packing.

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