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MÜPRO MPC support channels

Experience adaptability, in every type of installation situation,
with MÜPRO‘s modular support channel system.
This support channel system has been specially developed by MÜPRO in
a range of profile sizes for the installation of pipelines and ducts of different
loading classes.

The installation slot, which has scale marks along the sides, allows
completely flexible yet exact positioning of pipe clamps and other components.
With its comprehensive range of auxiliary installation components, this
support channel system is the perfect choice where complex support
structures for anchor points, racks, shelves, or convoluted load-bearing
constructions are required.

The completely modular design of the system allows the channels to be
adapted to suit every situation on site.
Various types of material and surface treatment are also available, to provide
optimal durability in different conditions and locations, such as close to the
sea or in other corrosive atmospheric conditions.

Quick and efficient attachment of pipe sections and multiple pipe runs
Also ideal as support structure for air ducts.
Variety of erection possibilities for wall-mounted installations and shelves
in combination with extensive range of system components.
Scale marks on the sides and on the side with the slot simplify the alignment
of the attachment elements during the installation and facilitate the measuring
and cutting to length of the section locally on site.

For secure fixing that is adjustable laterally and vertically.
High flexural stiffness due to the good cross-section design.
For setting up structures with the correctly measured static loads by means
of diverse connection components.
Suitable vibration control elements for all Support Channels.
Clean-cut appearance by the use of MÜPRO Protection Caps.

MÜPRO MPC wall hanger brackets
with lateral slot
Ideal as cantilever support structure for riser pipes
The strong base plate ensures a high load carrying capacity
The oblong holes in the base plate allow easy height adjustment of the bracket
Can be used in combination with Saddle Support and Channel Support Brackets
as a crossmember for fixing pipes in shafts and ducts
Can be used as cantilever bracket for supporting air ducts
Fixing in the side slot of the support channel allows simple alignment of parallel

MÜPRO diagonal strut
Quick mounting due to pre-fitted Double Rail Nuts
With clip-over edges for the Wall Hanger Bracket
Oblong holes at the side allow the positioning of MÜPRO MPC Support
Channels 38/40 with slot at the side
Diagonal strut also be used for the direct wall-mounting of Wall Hanger
Brackets 38/40, 40/60, 40/80, 38/80 and 40/120

MÜPRO wall hanger supports
For wall-fixing of air-conditioning units where no vibration damping is required
Efficient mounting due to preassembled parts
MÜPRO MPC Support Channels cut-to-length and with holes on the rear side
and fitted with MÜPRO Protection Caps
Various bracket lengths available (depending on device type)
Simple height adjustment of the brackets due to sliding
MÜPRO Hammer-Head Bolts
Variable setting for the fixture spacings on the bracket due to MÜPRO Rail Nuts

with external thread
Time-saving quick fitting in the channel slot, even when retro-fitted
between existing pipe sections
Simple and secure handling: insert in the MÜPRO MPC Support Channels -
turn - and the the QUICK Fastener is fixed. No slipping, no falling out
Adjustment marks on the side facilitate its positioning in the Support Channel
Reduction in the installation effort due to integral MÜPRO Threaded Pin in
various lengths
MÜPRO Threaded Pins are secured against unscrewing
Subsequent height adjustment of the MÜPRO Threaded Pin facilitates
corrections to the installation
Suitable for all MÜPRO MPC Support Channel sections

Approvals / Scrutinies:

Fire protection certified M10, for Profile* 38/40 - 40/120

MÜPRO hammer-head
For time-saving, efficient fixing of MÜPRO Pipe Clamps to MÜPRO
MPC Support Channels
Practical assortment of lengths for the professional
For insertion at any point into the slot of Channel Support sections
Lateral adjustment at any time, allows perfect alignment of the pipeline after installation
Various lengths and thread diameters can be combined within the same channel

Approvals / Scrutinies:

Fire protection certified for M10

MÜPRO protection caps
MÜPRO MPC support channels accessories
For MÜPRO MPC Support Channels and MÜPRO Wall Hanger Brackets

"MÜPRO – A Concept for Progress and Quality"

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