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5. Glidstöd & Fixpunkter

Heavy duty pipe supports - information

Selection of heavy duty pipe supports
Pipe Slides, Clamps and Accessories are available in various designs.
For all types required order-numbers which are listed on the data sheets
define combinations of steel grade, surface treatment and bolts.
Orders should indicate both order-number and requested outer diameter of pipe.
For Pipe Slides the additional indication of type and identifier are recommended.
So the requested version can be exactly described.
The MPT support system products can be found at the end of the chapter.

Expertise in Heavy Pipe Supports

An extensive range of MÜPRO products meets all these special requirements!
Special requirements are common for pipe supports in industrial applications
and general plant engineering as well as for heavy pipe supports in building
services technology.
The ability to transfer high loads, an extremely strong and durable design and,
in particular, suitability for outdoor applications are just a few of the demands
made of heavy pipe supports.
In addition, there are aspects relating to special applications and environmental
conditions to be considered, such as materials, surface properties/corrosion
protection, functions and operating temperatures.

Standard material S235JRG (St37)
Stainless steel version in A2 and A4

Surface properties
Hot-dip galvanized
Pickled and passivated

Operating temperature
up to 300°C
over 300°C

Anchor points
Expansion assemblies

Your Advantages:
Products adapted to achieve highest levels of functionality.

Complete range of products covering the widest range of applications in
heavy-duty building services technology in industrial and plant construction.

Established range of standard products suitable for the majority of applications.

Made-to-order products and fast, punctual delivery of products in assemblies
timed to match progress in construction and assembly on the construction site.

Product range adapted to meet factory standards.

Performance description available for all products in the heavy pipe support range.

Technical support in the use of our products in your projects from the
MÜPRO Application Technique Consulting department.

These products are manufactured for you quickly, flexibly and to meet the
specified requirements.

"MÜPRO – A Concept for Progress and Quality"

Further important information refer to: 'Documentation'

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