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3. Rörklammer & Sprinkler

Pipe clamps

Install your pipelines quickly, easily and securely with pipe clamps that
fit perfectly MÜPRO‘s range of pipe clamps provides the perfect solution
for every type of application, regardless of the type of pipes to be fixed:
whether plastic pipes or sprinkler systems, heating pipes or heavy-duty pipes,
high-temperature pipes or folded spiral-seam pipes.

The different types of pipe clamp take into account the diameters of the various
kinds of pipe and can also be manufactured to individual specifications.
Our comprehensive range of pipe clamps includes noise test reports for
clamps with linings and fire test reports for single bossed clamps as well as
the necessary VDS and FM approvals for special applications, such as sprinkler

The outstanding features of the entire product range are the speedy
installation, simple fixing techniques, reliable loading values and excellent
sound and vibration insulation values. MÜPRO pipe clamps with linings are
easily recognisable by their coloured identification stripes, which indicate
the type of application.

MÜPRO safety clip

Quick and efficient attachment without fastener bolts
Safety fastening due to positive click-in
The spring effect ensures that is self-locking
Easy to handle as the shape of the fastener is made to fit the tool
The pipe is free to move during the installation
Without fastener lugs - ideal where appearance is important
The slender construction without fastening lugs allows pipes to be installed close together
Ideal for attachment using MÜPRO Bolt Screws or Shoulder Screw
Ideal for the installation of pipes in parallel when used together with MÜPRO Twin Brackets
DÄMMGULAST® Vibration Control Lining with green identification stripe: Average sound level improvement of around 18 dB(A)
Vibration controled certified.

"MÜPRO – A Concept for Progress and Quality"

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