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13. Isolering

Selecting the insulation

Making the right choice

According to the applicable regulations, pipes and
fittings for heating systems, service water and drinking water in all buildings
have to be equipped with thermal insulation.
To avoid heat losses, the energy saving decree (EnEV) prescribes the
insulation thickness for heating and service water pipes for all heating systems
with a nominal thermal rating of more than 4 kW.
For drinking water pipes, DIN 1988, Part 2 indicates the corresponding
insulation thicknesses for the protection of pipes against heating up, forming
of condensation and corrosion.
In addition to thermal insulation, the pipe insulating layer also reduces the
radiation of structure-borne noise from the pipework and protects the pipes
against acoustic bridges through plaster and mortar.
The allocation of insulation thickness according to the installation
circumstances of the pipes and the relevant regulations is shown in the
following overview.

Comply with the standards and guidelines for the installation of ventilation
systems and depend on the high quality of MÜPRO products.

Our comprehensive range of products for the installation of insulated pipes
covers the whole spectrum of requirements placed on plumbing, heating and
air-conditioning systems.

Simple insulation to prevent condensation, various types of insulation for
hot pipes, and high-quality rubber insulation for cooling-system pipes with
associated insulation clamps; all this is possible with the perfectly
coordinated MÜPRO insulation range.

This range of products is rounded off by a comprehensive selection of
auxiliary items, such as adhesives and sealing and adhesive tapes for
making the insulation impervious to diffusion.

MÜPRO pipe insulation complies with all the requirements of the relevant
standards and guidelines (the EnEV– German Energy Conservation
Regulations, DIN 1988 – Drinking water supply systems, the AGI regulations –
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industriebau, DIN 4140 – Insulation work on industrial
installations and building equipment, DIN 4102 – Fire behaviour of building
materials and building components, and DIN 4109 – Sound insulation
in buildings).

Metal pipes made of steel, copper or cast iron can be insulated reliably
against cold or heat loss just as effectively as plastic pipes.
The insulation also provides the pipes with protection against condensation,
corrosion and structureborne noise and vibration.
It goes without saying that the products have been tested and approved in
accordance with the requirements.

MÜPRO Insulation
Expertise in insulation for domestic and building services technology.

MÜPRO offers the ideal insulation product for every task in the area of domestic
and building services technology.
Requirements relating to the effectiveness of building insulation have increased
continuously in recent years.
Greater awareness of environmental issues and the need for a more
responsible use of available resources have led to a change in attitudes and thinking.
In the area of domestic and building services technology, this primarily means
insulating hot and cold pipes in order to achieve greater efficiency for heating,
water and air-conditioning systems.
An extensive portfolio of products is available to meet every insulation
requirement for both warming and cooling pipes.

Your Advantages:
Pipe insulation products for the area of sanitation, heating and air-conditioning
Meet the requirements of all relevant regulations
- EnEV (German Energy Saving Regulation)
- DIN 1988 (Technical regulations for drinking water supply systems)
- AGI (Regulations from Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industriebau - the German Working Group for Industrial Construction)
- DIN 4140 (Thermal insulation of industrial and domestic service installations and equipment)
- DIN 4102 (Fire behaviour of building materials and elements)
- DIN 4109 (Vibration control in building construction)
Structure-borne vibration control for pipes
Protection against condensation water and corrosion
Insulated clamps and insulated anchor points for chilled water pipes 

MÜPRO products meet the requirements laid down in sanitary, heating and
air-conditioning technology regulations, such as the German Energy Saving
Regulation EnEV and the corresponding DIN standards.

"MÜPRO – A Concept for Progress and Quality"

Further important information refer to: 'Documentation'

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