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1. Vibrationskontroll

Vibration control - information

The current situation
Building technology is becoming increasingly complex,
and technical progress has led to a parallel rise in the ambitions of building
After 35, 30 and 25 dB(A), starting from DIN 4109 and up to VDI 4100 vibration
control level III, 20 dB(A) and for waste water pipework without the associated
fittings noise, we are already seeing values 5 dB(A) lower than the vibration
upper limit being specified.
At the same time, legal developments are increasingly oriented towards the
sensitivities of the consumers.
Traditionally, the standards that have always had to be redefined for fault-free
quality are the generally acknowledged handcraft rules.
The almost never-ending stream of standards and regulations means that
anyone working on a building site, including planners and installation engineers,
is facing an ever-increasing liability risk.

Vibration Control for the Support Technology

The MÜPRO product range enables you to cut off vibration right at its source
Today it is a proven fact, that noise strains your health and makes you ill.
This is not only valid for continuous high pitch vibration, but as well for short,
low pitch, disturbing noise, that is considered as "annoying noise".

The trend is set for low cost and fast construction in industrial and private
Vibration control is a cost factor for the investor.
People are increasingly affected by noise distractions.
Vibration inside the constructional body can not be switched off that easy.
In the case of undecoupled vibration refurbishment is not avoidable in
most cases.

The solution is vibration control!
By making sure that all potential sources of vibration and vibrationconducting
pipes are consistently decoupled from the structure, you can avoid every
conceivable vibration coupling in your area of responsibility.
Even with large loads and/or high vibration intensities, the MÜPRO vibration
control programme offers you system components to help you solve the
diverse vibration and attachment problems in building technology.

From the simplest attachment using pipe anchoring points, to the attachment
of small and large assemblies, you will find a solution for every individual
attachment and vibration control problem by using MÜPRO system

Vibration that you have under your control cannot spread elsewhere.

DÄMMGULAST® - Mode of Action

The upper small line-shaped contact reduces the sound entry surface of
the pipeline into the vibration control lining.
The lower line contact reduces the transmission of the remaining sound at
the fastening points even more.

The highly elastic cylindrical profile absorbs a large part of the structure
borne sound.

Optimal rolling action of the cylindrical profile prevents the occurrence of
disturbing sounds and the accumulation of forces in the pipe clamp

To accommodate larger changes in length, pipe guides allowing for axial
motion should be provided at these positions.
For vibration control at the pipe anchor point, Vibration Control Linings are
generally not suitable.
For taking up the anchor point forces and providing good vibration control,
PHONOLYT® Anchor Point for Pipes should be used.

"MÜPRO – A Concept for Progress and Quality"

Further important information refer to: 'Documentation'

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